Best Three Weapons Combination in PUBG Mobile Lite


M416 can severely injure enemies

This is a combination of متجر شدات ببجي convenience, but the results are by no means shocking. Chosen as the best entry-level weapon, the M416 can do great damage to a Pubg lite for PC adaptable use. What's more, after you get all the extra features of this firearm, it turns into a beast in melee and mid-range combat. Then again, the S12K is a very fast hunting rifle and you can add more magazines. It's an incredible decision for bad pointing learners on the grounds that you can simply tap and hold to shoot at a short distance

Below is Scar L and UMP9

A great combination that will make a start

A great combination that will make a start

Most of the new players need to claim two firearms which can therefore be unlocked in PUBG Mobile Lite. Thus, the AR and SMG combination is a hero's decision. Like the M416, the Scar L is an augmented reality firearm that fires 5.56mm rounds with great speed, great damage and little power. In terms of SMG, nothing can beat UMP9. This firearm shoots incredibly fast strides without pulling back, and promises to instantly crush competitors at a short distance.

M416 and Kark98k are a great combination

As noted above, the M416 is a great firearm that can perform well in both skirmishes and mid-range combat. What you need is the ability to shoot long shots or kill enemies in a good way. Thus, most players will combine it with a DMR rifle or shooting range. For beginners, we recommend you to use Kark98k. This is a somewhat tricky combination, but it's the best on this list. Practice careful pointing, get the right viewfinder, at this point you're all set.

Kark98k is an assault pistol that beginners can use

Above, the 3 best weapon combinations that youngsters who play PUBG Mobile Lite must try. Despite this, feel free to check out which firearms are accessible and join in depending on your ongoing interaction. Moreover, you also have to know how to keep your mind to fire a weapon in PUBG so that the best can beat the enemies in the game.

This PUBG Mobile Lite guide gives you some useful tips for combining weapons. Try to loot these weapons and your chance of winning will increase! Weapons in PUBG Mobile are one of the most attractive points of this game. And don't forget to follow this PUBG news for more tips and tricks! PUBG Mobile will be updated regularly, so remember to keep up with us!

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